Jesus Will Make You Willing to Trust

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Daily Reading: Numbers 24 GW; John 6 GW

Jesus is trustworthy.

Today’s verse comes from when Jesus walked on water to catch up with the disciples, who were crossing the sea.  When the men first saw Jesus, they were afraid.  But once they realized who He really was, they no longer feared. They trusted Jesus because they knew Him. Once again, Jesus showed up unexpectedly.  The longer the disciples traveled with Jesus, the more they trusted Him.

We conquer our giants when we trust in Jesus.  No matter what the circumstances, God has the answer. When we place our confidence in Jesus, we are putting it with the right person:

“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” (Psalm 118:8 GW)

Buried in the middle of the Bible is this scripture.  At the center of God’s inspired word is instruction of where you should place your trust.  One day at a time, as you put into practice Jesus’s teachings, you’ll trust Him more and more.

Jesus deserves your trust.

One person you can count on in life is Jesus.  As you know Him more, your trust in Him will grow.  Transformation takes place as we let God investigate our hearts.   When Jesus moves within us, the evidence is external.  People will notice the change that takes place.  But change won’t happen if we don’t trust Jesus.

Because we can trust Jesus completely, He is where we should place our expectations.  People will disappoint you; they will betray your confidence.  Not, Jesus, He won’t let you down.  God always shows up.  Just like with the disciples, Jesus appears in ways we don’t expect.  But He always comes through for us.

Place your confidence in Jesus.  Let humanity off the hook.  Only Jesus is worthy of your total trust.


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Lord, thank You for Jesus.  We’re grateful for the bridge He creates that bonds us with you.  Forgive us for placing our trust in humanity instead of You.  Show up for us today in an unexpected way.  Draw us into a closer relationship with You as we imitate Christ.  Help us lower our expectations of human beings and raise them for You.  You never disappoint.  In You, we have all we need.  Let us not lose focus of that fact today.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Who are you trusting more, humans or Jesus?

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