God Will Make You Change Directions

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Daily Reading: Numbers 22 GW; John 4 GW

God controls our steps.

Balaam, a prophet, is journeying in a direction God doesn’t want him to go.  The Lord sends a Messenger to stand in the road and stop Balaam. However, his donkey is the only one who can see the Messenger.  The more the beast tries to avoid God’s representative, the worst Balaam treats him.  Eventually, God’s courier reveals himself.  Balaam instantly repents of his sin, then asks the Messenger which way he should go. 

In life, veering off of the straight and narrow is easy.  Usually, misdirection happens with the best of intentions.  But if we want to stay on the right path, we must seek God’s guidance.  Crossroads in life need divine direction.  Only God knows which way leads to evil, which to good.


Pray Until Something Happens.  When you’re seeking God’s direction, keep praying until you get an answer.  A simple prayer to pray, “God open the doors you want me to go through, close the ones you don’t.”  

Recently, I visited a lifelong friend in Pennsylvania.  Since the trip was in winter, I prayed about whether or not to go.  Because I live in the south, I’m not skilled at driving in the snow.  I prayed until something happened. The weather forecast changed, no longer calling for snow.  And, the one appointment on my schedule I couldn’t move canceled.  I knew then; God wanted me to take the trip.  But I didn’t know for sure until four days before I was to leave.  God answers in His time, not ours.

Staying in tune with God means trusting His guidance.  Instead of seeking our paths, we seek His.  The only way to know which way to go is to ask God.


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Lord, thank You for changing our direction.  Forgive us for plunging blindly ahead without asking You which way we should go.  Help us pray until we know for sure what to do.  Close the doors. You don’t want us to go through, open the doors You do.  When we’re not listening, use a talking donkey to get our attention.  In You, we trust.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What area of your life do you need direction from God?

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