Doing Your Job, Will Make You Blessed

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Daily Reading: Exodus 23 GW; Matthew 24 GW

Focus on your job, receive your blessing.

God has a purpose for you.  Whether your job is managing kids, employees, or a business, no one else can do it but you.  Journeying with God means our assignments change throughout life, but whatever the task, it’s meant for you.  All God wants is for you to do what He created you to do.  Unfortunately, we get caught up worrying about what others desire instead of God’s desire for us.

One of my favorite games I use coaching is “Mission Possible.”  I give each student a task they must complete.  For instance, the player must make his opponent hit three forehands in a row.  An exciting dynamic develops every time we play this game.  Each player becomes more engrossed in figuring out what their opponent is trying to make them do than accomplishing their task.  Like the students, we stop doing our assignments when we focus more on what others are doing.

Stay focused on Jesus.

Christ will return one day when is not for us to know.   When He does, He wants to find us doing what He created us to do.  In other words, live your life like Jesus is coming back at any moment because He might.

When I was a store manager, my district manager did surprise visits.  Not only did I have to worry about pop-in inspections, but the company also hired secret shoppers.  Never have I known when a secret shop occurred.  Working under these conditions meant I had to act like every day was the day.  We greeted every customer and followed standard operating procedures.  Instead of worrying about what others were doing, we did our job.  We lived prepared.  

Live your life prepared.  Do whatever job God gives you.  Don’t worry about the assignments He gives others.  Just do yours.


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Lord, we’re glad you give us purpose.  Forgive us when we consume ourselves with others jobs instead of our own.  Help us find and do the work You have for us, always ready for Your return.  In a moment, You will come back.  Don’t let us miss out on what You have for us because we’ve lost our focus.  In all things, let us honor and glorify You.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What task has God assigned you?

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