Doubt Will Make You Lose Faith

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Daily Reading: Genesis 47 GW; Matthew 21 GW

Trust God will answer your prayers.

Today’s verse isn’t about manipulating God to do your will.  Instead, Jesus is telling us God does hear our prayers, He will answer.  The longer you walk with Christ, the more you know, God’s answers typically aren’t what you expect.  God gives three general replies: yes, no, and not yet.  Don’t assume you know the answer, wait, and see.  Placing your faith in God means trusting God’s transforming work in you.  As we lift our prayers to Him, God transforms us with His answers.

God is anxiously waiting for you to lift your requests to Him. When we boost our wants and desires to God, He directs our paths.   He can’t wait to work in your life.  When you pray, don’t doubt.  Instead, wait and watch.  As you do, God will build your faith with what He does.

Faith transforms us.

Butterflies are an example of God’s transformation.  When they nestle into their self-spun silky cocoons, they trust the process.  Radical change occurs inside before they emerge as a vibrant butterfly bringing beauty into the world.  But the conversion takes 2-3 weeks to appear.  All good things come in their own time.

Prayer is like spinning a silken cocoon for your requests.  God gently hears the appeal, then begins the transformation for whatever His intention is.  He’ll take your offerings and create something beautiful from them.  His timing may take weeks, even years.  God is never late in His reply.  Just like the caterpillar transforms effortlessly into a winged creature, the less we doubt, the easier the transformation.

Trust God hears every prayer you send.  Allow Him to transform you.  While you wait and watch, rest in the knowledge, God is working for you.


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Lord, how grateful we are You listen to every word we say.  Forgive us for doubting, instead strengthen our faith.  Transform us into beautiful butterflies as we trust You more.  As we shed our cocoons and fly into the world, let a trail of love follow us.  Only with You can we find and fulfill our purpose.  Each of us has a role to play in the ever-changing world.  Through prayer, let us find our way. We are trusting Your transformation for our hearts.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How has God transformed you through prayer?

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