How Money Will Make You Resentful

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Daily Reading: Genesis 45-46 GW; Matthew 20 GW

Wrong perspectives about money creates resentment.

Today’s verse comes from a parable Jesus told about money.  In the morning, a landowner hires workers for his vineyard.  As the day goes on, he added more people to the payroll.  With only an hour left, the boss hires a few more men.  When the time arrives to pay the men their wages, the landowner started with the last hired, ending with those who worked all day.  Each man received the same amount, whether they worked eight hours or one.  Grumbling erupted among those who worked longer.

Without a doubt, I would have grumbled too.  But this story isn’t about justice; it’s about generosity.  The landowner was generous to those in need.  He offered them work, then paid them a day’s wages, no matter how long they were in the vineyard. During that time, the law required payment at the end of the day.  The reason they received payment daily so that they could purchase food.  When the landowner paid them all the same wages, his generosity allowed them to eat.  An hour’s worth of salary wouldn’t provide a meal.

Gain the right perspective.

Money is nothing more than a means to an end.  All of us require paychecks to buy food and necessities.  When God allows us to work, He’s providing for us.  If you’re in a position to pay someone for their time and efforts, you are helping to feed them and their families.  The landowner in this story is generous to those in need.  Instead of offering charity, he’s allowing them to earn their keep.  By so doing, he not only feeds them, but he gives them a sense of purpose and worthiness. 

Others may receive more than you, but don’t let it plant a seed of resentment in your heart.  Instead, thank God for His provision.  Gratitude for what you have eliminates resentment towards others.


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Lord, how thankful we are for Your provision.  Forgive us, Lord, for thinking we know better than You about what a person deserves.  Only You know the intimacy of their lives and what they truly need.  Help us instead, choose gratitude for what we do have.  From the blessings You have given us, allow us to bless others.  Don’t let money cause resentment within us.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Has resentment of money caused distance in your relationship with God?

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