What Will Make You Miss God’s Kingdom

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Daily Reading: Genesis 43-44 GW; Matthew 19 GW

Love of stuff will make you miss God’s kingdom.

When we think of God’s kingdom, we think of heaven.  God dwells in heaven.  When we believe in Him, He lives within us.  Therefore, heaven is within us.  God rules heaven; He rules us from within our hearts.  However, if we entangle ourselves in worldly things, we will miss God completely.  We will never accept Him because our god is stuff.  Where our treasure is, our hearts follow.

When I begin to think a thing or money has more importance than God, I realize I have a problem.  One pastor said he could tell what god we worshiped by looking at our calendars and bank statements.  Where you spend your time and money identifies what is most important in your life.  Don’t let stuff keep you from missing out on the kingdom of God that is within you.

Generosity leads to God’s kingdom.

Generosity defeats materialism.  When you can identify those things in your life that is hindering your relationship with God, give them away.  Break the hold stuff has on you by getting rid of any unnecessary “things.”  Begin tithing on your income; watch how it takes your shift from money to God.
Daily Hope by Rick Warren is a daily devotional I follow.  Not too long ago, he made a point I haven’t stopped thinking about since.  As humans, we are willing to trust God with our eternal life, but we cannot trust Him with our money.  Why is that?  Because we’re not genuinely giving God our whole heart.  We are the same as the rich young ruler if we miss Jesus because of our possessions.  Don’t let stuff make you forget the peace God is offering.


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Lord, how grateful we are for Jesus.  His teachings open our eyes to what we cannot see.  Forgive us for our love of stuff.  Help us overcome the materialism in this world.  Instead, help us focus on Your presence within us.  You reside in our hearts, heaven within us.  Help us find your Kingdom here on earth as we trust You.  Let nothing come between our heart and Yours.  From within, Lord, change us into Your creation.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What stuff is keeping you from a deeper relationship with God?

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