What Will Make You Underestimate God

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Daily Reading: Genesis 48-49 GW; Matthew 22 GW

Not knowing the Scriptures causes you to underestimate God.

You can’t know God if you don’t read the Bible’s stories, written by people who followed Him.  The authors of the Bible were people inspired by God to write their tale.  Because God gave me a passion for writing; reading, and studying the scripture stirs the desire to write. Applying the teachings of Jesus from the New Testament helps me know His power.  Not in the, I can do anything I want sense.  But in the God can do anything He desires way.

Struggles in life happen because God doesn’t do what we want, although we know He could.  Why doesn’t He do life, according to Beth?  Because Beth doesn’t know everything.  The older I get, and the longer I chase Jesus, the less I know.  I don’t have answers for why suffering and heartache abound, but I trust God does.  And He doesn’t have to ask me for advice on how to run the world.

God has infinite power.

The Creator of the world can do whatever He wants.  What He wants is to have a relationship with you.  Whatever your life story is, somehow God led you to reading this devotional.  And the one thing He wants you to know, He loves you.  God can’t wait to hear from you today.  His infinite power is at your disposal.  What God can do for you that no one else can, give you peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil. 4:6-7 GW).

But until you turn to Him, you won’t have access to His power. Start today.  John’s gospel is a perfect place to begin reading about God’s love for you.  Get to know God through the inspired writings of those who gave their lives for Him.   


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Lord, how grateful we are for those who have gone before us.  Forgive us for not turning to their stories in the pages of the Bible.  Give us a desire to know You more.  When we pick up our Bibles today, give us insights we’ve never had.  Let Your powerful word’s freshness renew our tired souls.  Written thousands of years ago, Your truth stands the test of time.  You are all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving.  Let us rest in the knowledge, You are the one in control.  IJNIP. Amen.

Question for reflection

Have you tapped into God’s infinite power by reading His Word?

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