Who Will Make You Cunning as a Snake?

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Daily Reading: Genesis 31 GW; Matthew 10 GW

Following Jesus not only makes you cunning as snakes but innocent as doves.

As defined by Webster’s 1828 dictionary, cunning is “knowing; skillful; experienced; well-instructed. It is applied to all kinds of knowledge, but generally and appropriately, to the skill and dexterity of artificers, or the knowledge acquired by experience.”  Innocent means “free from qualities that can injure.” Jesus makes you smart and considerate.

When you follow His commands daily, you gain Godly wisdom. God reveals truth to you as you journey with Him.  Cunning comes as you follow Christ.  The deeper your relationship, the more knowledge you will possess.  The more you apply His Word to your life, the more you have experiential knowledge of God.

When I first began my walk with Jesus as an adult, I didn’t know Him well.  Financially, I hadn’t followed scriptural guidelines.  When I started to apply God’s principles to my money, I became more cunning with what I had. Experiential knowledge from practicing God’s word gave me cunning I could find no other way.

Jesus makes you cunning.

All of us are in the process of becoming with Jesus.  When we place our faith in Him, it isn’t the last step; it’s the first one.  Cunning is something developed over time, with effort.  He is always teaching.  Whether or not we are listening is the question.

To begin your journey of becoming more cunning, try one thing.  Forgive someone you haven’t forgiven.  Pray for someone who has hurt you.  Bless someone you don’t want to bless.  Find a promise of God’s and apply it to your life today.  Watch how God makes you more cunning as you do what He asks you to do.


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Lord, we’re glad you make us smart AND considerate.  Forgive us, Lord, for our fumblings as we learn.  Forgive us for people we’ve hurt unintentionally; let us make amends if possible. Help us follow You closely.  Let our proximity to You cover us in the dust from Your shoes.  Give us experiential knowledge as we apply Your teachings to our lives.  Make us more considerate every day as we choose You.  Without You, Lord, we are nothing.  With You, we are more than we could ever imagine.  In You, we find life.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How is God making You more cunning?

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