Forgiveness Will Make You Free

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Daily Reading: Genesis 30 GW; Matthew 9 GW

Jesus forgiveness frees you.

In today’s scripture, Jesus declares, He has the authority to forgive sins.  For the paralyzed man, forgiveness freed him to walk again.  Sin not only weighs us down emotionally but physically as well.  Not all physical ailments are a result of unforgiven sin, but some are. The heaviness of our misdeeds can keep us physically down on the mat.  But when we confess and release sins to Jesus, He lifts the weight from you.

When we were children, my brother and I stole penny candy from my uncle’s store.  Forty years later, I still remember the tummy ache I had.  Guilt from our actions made me sick; we never ate the candy.  Only when I confessed our misdeed did the pain go away.  Our earthly father made us return the candy and apologize to our uncle.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean no consequences, but it does mean relief from the guilt.

Jesus has the power to forgive.

Jesus forgives because we need forgiving.  Every day, we sin anew.  

On the day of this writing, I finished my daily Bible reading, then opened Facebook.  When I did, I learned someone who caused me pain is going through a difficult life situation.  My initial reaction was gladness.  In other words, I was happy they were suffering.  To recap, I just finished reading God’s Holy Word, and the minute I closed it, I had a sinful thought.  Immediately I repented and began praying for the person.  But my initial reaction was not sympathy. 

Accepting you are an ongoing sinner is something we all must embrace.  Once we do, our relationship with Jesus grows closer.  We need forgiveness every day, not just once.  Realizing that fact isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength.  The more we recognize our daily need for Jesus, the freer our life becomes.  Taking responsibility for your actions is the first step to freedom; asking Jesus for forgiveness is the second.


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Lord, thank You for forgiving us of our sins.  Help us accept the truth of our sinful nature and our need for Jesus every day.  We’re grateful; once we place our faith in You, nothing can separate us.  Hold us close, don’t let us stray too far down the wrong path.  Draw us back to You with every minute and every hour of every day.  In You, we find freedom.  IJNIP. Amen 

Question for reflection

What do you need Jesus’s forgiveness for today?

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