The Rainbow is Why God Won’t Flood the Earth Again

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Daily Reading: Psalms 8 GW; Genesis 9-10 GW; Ephesians 5 GW

God’s covenant with Noah is the reason He will never flood the earth again.  After 40 days and 40 nights of rain, once the waters receded, God made a pact.  A rainbow in the sky is the symbol of His promise.

Rainbow formation is the result of light passing through water droplets.  The light slows as it enters a water droplet, bending because of the passage from air to denser water.  Colors generate from inside the water droplet, separating into different hues.

God’s light creates rainbows in the sky and our lives.  As we let God’s light enter into our lives, it reflects from within our hearts to the world.  Just like the rainbow colors come from inside the water droplet, God’s love shines out to the world from within our hearts.  The more light we let into us, the more light we reflect to the world.

God promised no more floods.

Raindrops are the tiny prisms that allow God’s light to shine through them, creating a rainbow.  As we ground our lives in God’s promises, His light in us floods the world.  He won’t cover the earth with water, but He does desire us to cover it with His love.  In all cities, all nations, we’re to share the good news of Jesus’ with the world.

Our tears can become prisms of light for the world to see.  As we lay our pain at God’s feet, He renews us with His strength.  In our weakness, He is strong.  His light shines brighter than any star, flooding the world with colors of love.


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Lord, we are grateful for the rainbow.  Thank You for the reminder that you will never flood the earth again.  As light reflects from within the raindrop, let Your light reflect from our tears.  Let us all lay our struggles and hardships at Your feet, trusting You have a plan for us.  May we find rest in Your promises as we strive to reflect Your love to the world today.  Help us honor and glorify You in all we do.  In Jesus’s name, I pray.  Amen

Question for reflection

How can you reflect God’s light to the world today?

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