What Commandment Will Make You a Promise?

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Daily Reading:  Genesis 11-13 GW; Ephesians 6 GW

In the 10 Commandments, the sixth comes with a promise.  Honor your father and mother so that you may have a long life on earth.

Honoring our parents is something we can all do.  Whether you consider your parents worthy of honor or not, you wouldn’t have a life without them.  Their actions are what God used to create you.  Just like He planned you before you were born, He also knew your parents.  God expects you to honor them.

What honoring parents looks like differs for everyone.   My father passed when I was young; in his last days, my siblings and I honored him by helping my mother take care of him.  After he died, we helped my mother to the best of our ability.  In her last days, we cared for her and honored her wishes to die at home.  As she took her last breath, my brother and I held her hand.  We met all of her wishes for her funeral, but one, the pastor she requested, wasn’t available to do the service.  

Honoring our parents is more than just listening to them as children; it’s a lifelong journey of growth.

Long-life comes from honoring our parents.

Eleven years ago, a dear friend lost her son in a car accident.  He snuck out his bedroom window on the night of her birthday to go to a party.  Just sixteen years old, he died immediately when the car flew into a tree.  Not until hours later did someone discover the car, stuck in a tree.  At his funeral, she warned his friends; this happens when you don’t listen to your parents.

Honoring our parents is a daily choice we must make.  Whether listening to them when we are young or caring for them when they are old, each day is a new opportunity to honor them.


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Lord, thank You for the parents You used to give us life.  Without them and You, we wouldn’t exist.  Help us today to honor them.  Show us what actions we can take today to honor those who gave us life.  Help us forgive any offensives we may feel.  Refocus our energy into a positive activity that will bring life to our relationships with them.  IJNIP Amen

Question for reflection

What is one thing you can do to honor your parents today?

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