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“How can we sing the songs of the Lord  while in a foreign land?” (Psalm 137:4 NIV)

How you live sings your song.

Psalm 137 is a lament of the Israelites and their exile in Babylon.  In this case, the refusal to sing God’s song for the Babylonians is singing with their actions, not their words.  The Babylonians wanted the Israelites to sing praise and worship songs verbally for their entertainment.  But the Israelites didn’t sing because they wouldn’t have God mocked.  Instead of using lips, their actions sang a song of commitment to their God.

We sing with actions every day of our life.  Not musically, but realistically.  When we study and apply God’s word to our situations, we’re singing.  Each step of faith we take is another note.  Sometimes we’re a little off-key; other times, we’re in perfect pitch with God.  Our symphony is playing on with each new day.   God captures even the smallest hum as we attempt to live our lives for Him, glorifying Him in all we do.

Stay in tune.

The only way we will stay in tune with God is if we seek Him daily.  Nothing substitutes for making God a priority in your day.  Whether you spend time with Him first thing or last thing, your rhythm is best when you include Him.  Whatever time you give God, He multiplies it in your life.  You’ll begin to recognize Him more in your activities when you spend time with Him.  As your relationship grows, you trust Him more, not less.  His truth becomes a necessary part of who you are as a person.  In Him, you find freedoms you find nowhere else.  But first, you must seek Him.

When I started reading through the Bible in a year, it took me about 15 minutes to do the daily reading.  My first reading plan was chronological, front to back.  About three months in, I stopped reading.  Immediately, something changed in me.  I lost a peace I didn’t realize I had found.  My life started downhill quickly.  Thankfully, God gave me a friend who sang her song into my life.  She had gone through what I was experiencing.  With love, she asked me if I had stopped reading my Bible.  When I told her I had, I realized immediately; I was missing God.  That day I started reading again.  Over two decades later, I still start my day with my Bible.  Only in His word can I find His peace.  When I find His peace, I sing His song.

We each have a song to sing to God.  As we get to know Him better, we’ll sing louder and louder.  Remembering, God cares more about who you’re becoming than who you were. Sing your song today!

Question of the Day:

What song are you singing to God today?

Further Reading: Habakkuk 1:1-3:19 NIV, Revelation 9 NIV, Psalm 137:1-9 NIV, Proverbs 30:10 NIV

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