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“Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless.” (Psalm 60:11 NIV)

Jesus can defeat your enemies.  “I Love Lucy” was a sitcom on T.V. in the 1950’s.  The show was based on Lucille Ball, a vibrant red head who was always in trouble.  A groundbreaking show, it dominated the rankings during its tenure in the 50’s. The show ended when it was still ranked number 1.  Lucy can still be seen in syndication today. One of the most famous scenes occurs when Lucy is working in a chocolate factory. Click here for a quick chuckle.  As the scene unfolds, Lucy is wrapping chocolates that are going by on a conveyor belt.  The candies start coming faster and faster, complete mayhem erupts. Lucy tries desperately to keep up, but fails miserably.  She can’t do it on her own, and neither can we. When we are like Lucy, under attack, the conveyor belt going faster and faster, the attacks piling up on us, we need to call for help.  Jesus is the only one who can stop the conveyor belt. Just like Lucy couldn’t do it on her own, we can’t either. We need Jesus to do it for us. Jesus can defeat our enemies.

Jesus can defeat our enemies.

When Lucille Ball died, she was almost a complete recluse.  This article talks about the show, which she starred in with her husband, Desi Arnaz.  Their marriage ended in divorce because of his drinking and carousing. She went on to have success in her career, but the last two decades of her life weren’t great.  After a skiing accident, she could no longer do slapstick comedy, which was what she had based her life identity on. The chocolates continued to come too fast for Lucy, she couldn’t keep up with the curve balls life threw at her.  When we can’t keep up, Jesus is there to carry us. He never meant for us to base our life identity on anyone or thing but Him. When we make Him the center of our lives, He’ll take care of the curveballs life throws at us. He’ll help us keep going when we no longer want to go on.  He’ll defeat our enemies.

When the conveyor belt of life is moving too fast for you, when the chocolates are piling up along the side, don’t panic.  Take a deep breath, as you exhale, cry for help. Your prayer can be just one word, “Help!” Jesus will hear it, He’ll know you’re talking to Him.  He’ll help. He’ll come. He’ll defeat your enemies for you.

Question of the Day:

What enemy do you need Jesus to defeat for you today?

Further Reading: Numbers 26:1-51NIV, Luke 2:36-52 NIV, Psalm 60:1-12 NIV, Proverbs 11:15 NIV

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