Just One More

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Read Proverbs Chapter 28.

“A greedy person stirs up conflict, but whoever trust in the Lord will prosper.”  Proverbs 28:25 CSB

Greed is something that can trap the best of us.  My husband and I watched the movie “Triple Frontier” on Netflix.  It’s an action packed adventure movie about a group of buddies who served in the elite forces in the military.  All upstanding men who had had good careers looking for one last adventure. I don’t want to give away the movie, but it involves making millions of dollars if successful.

They make their plan, just as in days of old when they were serving their country.  They timed everything perfectly. There was one slight difference in this mission versus the others they had completed, no one was watching.  They were on their own. The only ones they had to report too were each other. As the movie unfolds, everything is going according to plan.  They find the money and it’s more than they could ever imagine. It’s more than they can possibly take with them. They begin the laborious job of loading up bags full of cash, stacks of $100 bills.

That’s when greed shows it’s ugly face.  There is one pivotal moment when they have run out of time, and need to leave.  But they can’t get enough. They just want one more bag. Just a few more minutes.  That decision changes the course of the movie. Greed changes the course of the mission; conflict has arrived.

Wouldn’t we all be tempted to fill one more bag?  Wouldn’t we all risk five more minutes if it meant another million dollars?  They already had a van full of money that would of supported them the rest of their lives, but they needed just one more.

Greed comes in the form of just one more.  One more bite of food. One more pair of shoes.  One more drink. Just one more. True prosperity comes only one way, through the Lord.  Prosperity isn’t who has the most toys, it is who trusts in the Lord, for everything. All we have, all we will have comes from the Lord.  He gives us the air we breathe, the food we eat, the money we spend.

We don’t need just one more, we just need God.

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