God’s Heritage

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The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God, and he will be my son.

Revelation 21:7

People choose where they will spend eternity. In the Book of Revelation, John depicts the decision as two cities: the city of God or Babylon. Those who drink from the living water offered by Jesus will enjoy Christ’s heritage, living in eternity with Him.  But for those who fear persecution from faith in God’s Son and don’t believe in His saving grace, they will live in Babylon, a place devoid of the Lord.

Only through faith in Christ can people enter the pearly gates of heaven. God gives us the choice; He doesn’t force our residency in His city. And many people choose not to believe, placing things of this world before those of eternity. The car you drive, the size of your house, the money in your bank account, all those things will pass away. Life on Earth lasts but a moment; life in eternity never ends. And the Lord lets us choose our permanent address. We can live in His mansion or decide to live separately from Him.

When we place faith in Jesus, accepting God’s heritage, the journey to our heavenly home begins with the Lord’s peace here on Earth; we no longer need to fear death because Christ overcame it. For our loved ones who went before us, they wouldn’t want to come back, even if they could. When you choose to live in God’s city, you will experience life in ways you cannot imagine.


We acquire God’s heritage through Jesus.


Lord, thank You for giving us a choice of where we spend eternity.  Please help us make the right choice, place faith in Jesus, accept the grace He offers, and live fully in Him.  Each day, let’s choose again to follow You, knowing we have a secure place in Your city.


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