Glorious Body

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Who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.

Philippians 3:21

When Jesus returns, we will receive a new body, one transformed into His resurrected one. In our weakness, our bodies struggle with persecution, disease, sinful desires, and death. But Christ’s coming will give us glorified bodies, showing our true character as children of the Almighty, sharers of divine life in Jesus. When Christ returns, everything will come under His authority, including our bodies.

Five of my family and friends have lost children for various reasons. Each of them knew Jesus. Walking through their grief, I find comfort in God’s promises for our future transformation. As I think of each of these beloved children, I see them at the foot of the cross, with transformed bodies, no longer suffering from the things they struggled with on Earth. Their time in this world didn’t last long, but their eternal life will never end.

Sharing God’s promises with others introduces them to the unconditional love of Jesus. His actions on the cross, arms spread wide, invite everyone into the eternal glory He offers. With grace and mercy, the Lord sent His Son, forgiving our sins and giving us new life in Him that will never end. Love God and others, giving the glory to Jesus. Let transformation begin today as we become more like Christ and help others do the same.


God gives us glorious new bodies.


Lord, thank You for transforming our lives and bodies as we follow You. Please help us become more like Christ as we seek Him, living daily in His promises, obeying His commands, and drawing others into Your family. Let us boldly share what we have found in You.


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