Exercising Discernment

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But when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away.

1 Corinthians 13:10

Exercising discernment.

Maturing in Christ means exercising discernment, the ability to judge well. We must let go of things that don’t build God’s Kingdom. The partial will pass away, and the misconceptions and misinterpretations will not stand the test of time. But God’s perfect word will.

Reading social media, I saw a post from a friend taking scripture out of context. Immediately, I wanted to engage in the conversation, but instead, I kept scrolling. Why? Because I knew engaging would only cause an argument and create distance in the relationship. Instead, I waited for an opportunity to talk in person, not wanting my comments taken out of context.

Perfection doesn’t exist on earth. No one perfectly understands all the scriptures or every situation on earth. Why bad things happen to good people remains unanswered until we reach heaven. But in the meantime, we can trust God’s moving us forward on our journey, using everything for the good of those who believe and trust in Him.

When we reach heaven, the trials of this world will pass away, and we will know perfection. Comments taken out of context will no longer concern us. We won’t have to pay bills or go to unfulfilling jobs. No more sleepless nights worrying about loved ones. Instead, we will live in perfect peace with our Maker for eternity.

When frustration with worldly matters overtakes you, remind yourself that the partial passes away. What seems insufferable ends; perfection awaits us in our heavenly home. The trials of life help us grow more like Christ as we apply His principles to them. Our crowns wait for us in heaven and will last forever.

Hold the things of this world loosely, reminding yourself of the temporary nature of life on earth. Embrace the promise of perfection that awaits us in eternity. When faced with difficult situations, ask yourself, will this matter a year from now? Five years from now? Choose wisely by keeping your eyes on Jesus, making His priorities yours.

Perfection comes when God calls us home. Until then, we must remember that now we know in part, then we will know in full.

Love Challenge:

Use God’s filter to discern what you can do to build the Kingdom today and what you need to let go. Don’t let temporary problems distract you from eternal tasks.

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