Realistic Awareness

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For we know in part and we prophesy in part,

1 Corinthians 13:9

Realistic awareness.

As Christ’s followers, we understand spiritual things from a human perspective. Imperfect: we have a limited knowledge of faith, but once we reach heaven, it will become perfect. Prophesy suffers from interpretation; discerning selfish motives from Godly messages challenges the human heart. Many prophesies people have told me contained bias and didn’t come to fruition. 

Know-it-alls don’t exist. No one on Earth understands everything, no matter what they say. George Washington Carver had a realistic awareness of his limitations:

“I asked the Great Creator what the universe was made for.
‘Ask for something more in keeping with that little mind of yours,’ He replied.
‘What was man made for?’
‘Little man, you still want to know too much. Cut down the extent of your request and improve the intent.'” [1]

Carver changed his request, asking God to teach him about the peanut. Discovering over 300 uses for the peanut, Carver didn’t know everything, but he knew a lot about the one thing. 

Use caution when you talk to someone who has an answer for everything. God didn’t give us minds that can comprehend the universe’s secrets. But the Lord did give us limited knowledge about certain things. Relying on God to reveal information to us when needed causes us to follow Him closely. Accepting our limited knowledge helps us seek the One with all the answers.

Asking the Lord to help us understand love will allow us to exercise it. Like with patience, we must practice love to begin knowing it. As a verb, love comes with motion, not stagnant.

When the person cuts us off in traffic, we must choose not to respond in anger. During conflicts with friends and family, we must not make the argument about winning and losing but about restoration. Developing a close relationship with the Lord means spending intentional time with Him.  Acts of love look different, but all equal love. 

Realistic awareness of ourselves means accepting our limitations and seeking the One without limits.

Love Challenge:

Ask God for opportunities to practice love today. Wait expectantly for His answer and obey quickly when He does.


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