God’s Equality

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Daily Reading: Job 20:1-22:30, 2 Cor. 1:1-11, Psalm 40:11-17, Proverbs 22:2-4

Daily Verse: “The rich and the poor meet together; the Lord is the Maker of them all.” Prov. 22:2

God’s equality.

No matter what a person’s status in life, whether wealthy or poor, we all have the same Maker. Judging others by their economic status leads to treating people poorly. As followers of Christ, we should treat everyone with respect, remembering God can quickly reduce the rich and raise the poor. Money comes and goes quickly.

“We’re all one paycheck away from homelessness,” a friend said years ago while walking to work in New York City, discussing the people living in the doorways, layers of clothing warming their bodies, worldly possessions sitting next to them in bags.

Losing everything happens quickly; one lousy investment, a house fire without insurance, or a tragic accident can bankrupt the wealthiest people. Just like one good investment, a new job, or an unexpected financial blessing can raise someone from poverty.

Either way, God created both and allows the circumstances in our lives for a reason. Treating everyone as equal in the Lord’s eyes matters more than how much money they possess. The things of this world will pass away, but the treasures of the Lord never will.

Lord, forgive us for putting too much emphasis on financial status and not enough recognition of Your creation. Help us love everyone we meet equally for You, knowing money doesn’t matter as much as people. Poor or rich, let us love them all well for You. IJNIP. Amen

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