How God’s Salvation Will Make You Realize He’s a Hero

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Daily Reading: Zephaniah 2-3, GW

God’s heroism saves.

One thing we all need, salvation.   Sin affects everyone; we all have personal battles. God’s presence in our life gives us victory over our afflictions.  Having the ability to receive forgiveness for our wrongdoings paves the way for life change.  Ridding ourselves of our sinful nature allows us to make different choices.  Instead of following the old ways, we can choose less traveled paths.

“But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:14 NIV)

God wants you to choose the narrow road.  Following Jesus makes us change our actions, not following our sinful nature but Jesus’s example.  Taking the high road means denying yourself, picking up your cross, and doing the right thing.  Recognizing God’s ways aren’t ours helps us take the narrow road.  

Prepare to change.

Approaching God through prayer means preparing for life change.  Often, our prayers center around changing other people, but God doesn’t work that way. God’s salvation offers you new life.  People have to choose Him to find the same thing.  Our Hero doesn’t want anyone lost, but God knows, people have free will.  We get to decide how we want to live our lives, who we want to follow, and if we are open to the life change God offers.

Accept God’s heroism, belief in Jesus.  As we end one year and begin another, spend time praying about your life.  Ask God what area you need to give Him.  Decide to take a different path, one less traveled.  In prayer, make a list of sinful regions you haven’t given to God in your life.  Write them down, then prayerfully, give them to your Maker.  Your Hero can’t wait to shed His light on your struggles, helping you overcome them.


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Lord, thank You for another year; the time has gone quickly.  Thank You for the life change we’ve experienced because we followed You.  Forgive us when we stray; always draw us back to You.  As we begin a new year, give us a vision for the next 365 days.  Illuminate areas of our lives where You want to grow us, making us more like Christ.  Give us the faith we need to follow the road less traveled.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What areas of your life do you need to give to God today?

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