How the River of Life Will Make You Thank God

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Daily Reading: Isaiah 65-66 GW; Revelation 21-22 GW

Life flows from God.

If you’ve ever watched a river flowing, you’ve seen the ripples indicating movement.  Silently, the bubbling water moves towards its eventual destination, an even larger body of water.  Our lives are similar.  From day one, we begin moving towards our eternal home, whether we participate in the trip or not.

Our Creator constantly creates new life.  Every day, babies are born into the world, beginning a journey.  From the time we come from our mother’s womb, we grow and change.  Our path to eternity happens one day at a time.  When we take our last breath on earth, we’ll take our first in heaven.  Each day, our challenge remains the same, keep moving forward.

“What areas of your life are you stuck in guilt and shame?” asked my therapist.  Over the next few weeks, I prayed over her question; the answers surprised me.  What I realized, areas of personal unforgiveness stopped me from thoroughly enjoying the journey.  God didn’t condemn me; I judged myself unworthy.  By identifying my “stuck” places, I released the log jam.

Open the dam.

Floating debris creates log jams in rivers, places the water can’t flow because of the backup.  My unresolved issues developed an emotional blockage for me.  Clearing the congestion meant allowing God’s living waters to flow into my deepest hurts.  With mercy and love, God shed light into the darkness, letting grace cleanse my heart.  Forgiving others, much easier than letting myself off the hook.  But we must let our past sins go, striving to move forward and experience life to the fullest.

God creates life, its flowing waters available to all.  Drink of God’s love for you; allow His river of love to access all areas of your heart.  Embrace Christ’s vibrant energy, letting His Spirit lead you through your days.  Thank God for living water that flows eternally.


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Lord, thank You for life.  Forgive us for taking Your precious gift for granted.  Help us today identify areas we are stuck.  Free the emotional log jams from our lives, let Your living water flow through us.  As we embrace Your love and mercy, encourage us on the journey.  Give us hope for our future.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What areas of your life are stuck in shame and guilt?

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