How Creation Will Make You See God’s Glory

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God created everything.

Take a look around you; God made it all.  Warm, sunny days with blue skies and puffy white clouds, all created by God.  Cold, rainy days with grey skies, also done by God.  Every year,  the world transitions from one season to the next.  Leaves bud, blossom, change, and fall, fulfilling the Creator’s purpose.  Spring becomes summer, then fall, and finally winter.  Nothing exists without God’s creative touch.  

Considering, in America, the Land of Plenty, stuff abounds.  With one press of a button, almost any desire becomes a reality.  Walmart started testing drone delivery services.  Modern technology replaces human beings.  In the quest to create artificial intelligence, people forget who made them.   The one thing computers lack, souls.  Without a spirit, one cannot truly live.  God created life; He gave us souls.  Something no human can do.

Nothing comes into existence without God’s intervention.  Our Maker deserves glory and honor for His mighty works.  But instead of gratitude, we give Him attitude. 

Stop complaining; start praising.

Sitting by the fire on a recent camping trip, our neighbor decided to visit.  The stranger immediately began complaining about their 35 foot RV.  Listing all of the problems, she wouldn’t stop.  Her gripe towards the local RV dealership, whose name she mispronounced, began with a problem she caused.  However, they didn’t fix the situation to her satisfaction.  Our new “friend” made sharing the companies faults with anyone who would listen.  Eventually, still complaining, she left.  Not once did she show gratitude for what she had.

How many times do we approach God the same way?   We spend our time complaining about the problems in our life instead of thanking Him for the blessings. What we need is different from what we desire.  Our neighbor didn’t appreciate her good fortune because she was too busy complaining about the flaws.  If we focus on the imperfections in life, we miss God’s perfection.  

Stop complaining about what you don’t have.  Start praising God for what you do have.  You’ll learn quickly; God’s blessings abound when you start counting them.


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Lord, thank You for creating us.  Forgive us for forgetting about You.  Help us focus on our blessings instead of our complaints.  Remind us, everything we have came from You.  Without Your creation, we wouldn’t exist.  All glory and honor are Yours.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

Do you complain to God more than praise Him?

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