How Continuing to Love Will Make You Joyful

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Daily Reading: Jeremiah 41-43 GW; Hebrews 13 GW

Love brings joy.

Acts of love don’t bring regret like acts of hatred do.  The two emotions on opposite ends of the spectrum motivate action.  You have a choice which feeling you’re going to follow.  Actively choosing to continue loving people, even when they cause you pain is the right choice.  How you love them is the question.

Boundaries in relationships create good health.  Some of my relationships are distant; some are close.   Unhealthy people can’t have healthy relationships. Only when they do the work to become healthy will, their connections become more vital.  Most people don’t want to make an effort.  Even if you’re becoming healthier, they aren’t.  Therefore, those boundaries require more space.

Establishing boundaries helps you love joyfully.  Don’t take offense if people don’t respond the way you think they should.  Placing expectations on people they never agreed to leads to heartache.  Love expecting nothing in return.  Experience the joy that comes from loving hard-to-love people.  The truth is, we’re all hard to love at times.

Love on Repeat.

Following Jesus means constant loving.  Jesus never stops loving us; we’re not to stop loving Him and others.  Every day is a new opportunity to strengthen your love muscle.  How people respond isn’t your responsibility, but you do control your actions.  As my mother always said, “You’re the one who has to sleep with yourself.”  I sleep much better knowing I have a clear conscience and did my best to love others well.

No one is perfect.  We all falter in the love category from time to time.  When that happens, give yourself grace.  Then try again.  Seek God’s guidance as you love His children.  After all, no one knows His flock like our heavenly Father.  When God prompts you to act in love, do so quickly.  Don’t waste a moment.  Joy doesn’t come until after the act.

Over and over again, love.  If people resist, love harder.  All of us crave the unconditional love God offers.  Share what God gave you with others.  Experience His heavenly joy.


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Lord, as always, you Rock.  Thank You for loving us so well.  Forgive us for not loving others when we had the chance.  Help us today do better.  Time and again, let us, love.  May those around us know us for our love.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

Who can you love today?

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