How People Will Make You Want to Speak to God

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Daily Reading: Psalms 25 GW; Job 13-14 GW

God’s ear is listening.

Job is responding to his friends.  They are sure Job’s suffering is the result of sin in his life.  But they are wrong.  Job’s suffering is part of his life journey.  Only God knows why He allowed the events to happen that He did.  One thing I know, we all suffer in this life.  Somehow, someway, everyone you encounter in your day today is walking wounded.  Hurts exist inside of them that you can’t see on the outside.   Heartache is part of life.

Teaching a tennis camp this summer with another coach, God reminded me of this fact.  On our second day of camp, my co-worker arrived a little late, looking tired.  From the outside, my good-looking court mate’s life looked picture perfect.  Looks are deceiving.  When I asked him how his previous night was, he shared his heartache with me.  The previous night he put his house on the market because his wife left him eight months ago.  His marriage didn’t survive the pandemic.

Don’t fill the silence.

My shock at the coach’s confession was a reminder from God.  Don’t judge what you don’t know.   Every preconceived notion I had in this situation was wrong.  After offering my sympathy for his current position, I just listened.  When he told me he just wanted to have fun and make it through the day, I made his request my mission.  We enjoyed coaching the kids, forgot life’s problems for a bit, and all left smiling.

Friend’s in despair need company, not advice.  Their quarrels are with God, not us.  Job was politely telling his friends, your words are fruitless.  They had no clue why these things happened, but they wanted to act as they did.  Job knew God is the only one that knows; therefore, God is the only One with answers.

You don’t have to explain God’s actions to anyone.  God does what God wants to do.  Point them to the One who has the answers.  Going directly to the source saves time and money.

Healing begins when we talk to God.


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Lord, thank You for having a plan for our lives.  Forgive us for trying to figure out what You’re doing.  If we need answers, help us seek You and no one else.  Strengthen our faith as we turn to You in our storms.  Help us survive the tornadoes that sweep through our lives.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What do you want to speak to God about today?

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