How Trustworthiness Will Make You Receive More Responsibility

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Daily Reading: 1 Chronicles 16 GW; Luke 16 GW; Psalms 62 GW

Trust is incremental.

The first time I was allowed to drive a car alone, I went from my house to the high school, picking up a friend along the way.  Living in Northwestern PA, we had snow in the winter.  Not understanding how the front-wheel-drive worked, I spun the tires.  Unfortunately for me, I thought something was wrong with the car.  As soon as I reached my friend’s house, I called home to report the incident.  Thankfully, my brother explained what was happening; and my parents trust in me grew because I handled the situation well.

Small deposits of trust over time create a trustworthy bank account.

After that first trip, I had many short trips.  Running errands for my Mom became my favorite thing to do because I got the car.  When my Mom allowed me to drive from Pennsylvania to Virginia alone, I knew she trusted me.  Why?  Because she kept allowing me more and more freedom with the car. Over time, incrementally, I gained her trust.  

Complete divine tasks.

Just like my mother gave me more freedom as I proved myself trustworthy, God does the same.  God assigns us divine tasks, acts of love towards others that have kingdom impact.  Divine tasks are prompts from the Holy Spirit that you can’t ignore.

For instance, the other day, God brought a friend to mind who is going through a difficult time.  Almost immediately, I felt the desire to brighten her day.  After thinking about what would make her smile, I decided to take her fresh-cut flowers to brighten her desk.  A divine task that I fulfilled showing God my trustworthiness to follow through.

Whatever divine task God is prompting you to complete, do it.  The more assignments you complete, the more God will give you to do.  Tiny acts of trust grow.


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Lord, thank You for giving us divine tasks to complete.  Forgive us the times we ignore them or don’t do them well.  Help us today listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.  When You give us a task, help us complete it quickly.  Let our small acts of obedience allow us to receive more jobs.  As we align our hearts with Yours, let us reflect Your love to the world.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What divine task has the Lord given you lately?

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