How Questioning Will Make You Know What to Make of It

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Daily Reading: 1 Chronicles 7 GW; Luke 9 GW

Questioning causes growth.

When Jesus was in full swing with His earthly ministry, people didn’t know what to make of it.  They didn’t understand the miraculous events.

Jesus turned the world upside down with His life.  Not only were Jesus’s teachings countercultural, but He also was healing sick people and calling out demons.  No one experienced such things before. 

Herod was one of the many; his questions needed answers.  

“So Herod wanted to see Jesus.” (Luke 9:9 GW)

Herod’s questions made him want to see Jesus.  He knew the only way he would understand is by getting closer to the Son of God.  

When people begin to hear about Jesus, they will have questions.  Asking about something you don’t know is a good thing because you begin to understand.  No one knows everything, we all have things to learn in life.  Developing a relationship with Jesus requires questions.  The more you know, the closer your relationship with God will become.

Cultivate curiosity.

The reason Herod had questions was that Jesus cultivated his curiosity.  Jesus did what Jesus does: loved God and people.  His ministry brought a new way of life to earth.  No one did the things Jesus did before.  Jesus’s countercultural way of living made everyone curious.

Becoming more like Jesus will cultivate curiosity.

People will begin to see Jesus in You.  His love will light up the world around you.  Those around you will become drawn to the light within you.  People will want to know what your secret is.  The answer is simple, Jesus.

Encourage people to talk about Jesus.  Help them understand asking questions is perfectly fine.  The only way we know Jesus better is by asking questions.  The more you ask, the more you will know.  Every query will draw you closer to Jesus, growing your relationship in ways you can’t even imagine.

Questions are good.  They always lead to growth.


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Lord, thank You for encouraging us to question.  Forgive us for not being more inquisitive.  As we move through our day today, help us become more like Christ.  As we respond with Christ’s love, let it cultivate curiosity in those around us.  When people begin to question us, give us a ready answer on our lips, Jesus in us.  All glory is Yours. IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What questions do you have about Jesus?

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