How Fertilizing with Love Will Make You a Farmer

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Daily Reading: 1 Chronicles 6 GW; Luke 8 GW

Love is God’s fertilizer.

Jesus parables are my favorite part of the New Testament; today’s comes from one of the most famous, the good soil.  A farmer sows seed in different places.  Some seeds get trampled, some eaten by birds, others planted in bad soil, and some planted among thornbushes that choked them.  However, the seed planted in good soil produced a hundred times more.

One kernel of corn produces thousands.  One acorn grows a mighty oak, millions of times larger, creating even more acorns.  The size of the seed doesn’t equate to the amount of fruit it will produce.  When we plant single seeds, God multiplies them.  But we must plant them in fertile soil for them to grow.

Fertilize the soil.

When farmers are preparing their land for planting, they fertilize the soil.  When I was a child, growing up in the country, the smell of manure wafting through my elementary school windows meant spring had come.  Adding nutrients turned dead soil into good soil, allowing crops to grow.

If we want people to receive the good news of Christ, we must first love them.  Actions of hate don’t create good soil.  Judging and condemning others is not what Christ did, neither should we.  

What Jesus did was love people to the point of death, overcoming it with His resurrection.  In Christ, we find eternal life.  

Jesus loved us.  We’re to love as well.  

Becoming better lovers of people makes us better farmers.  Through kind actions, we fertilize the soil. Building trustworthy relationships with people based on God’s principles takes effort, but the reward is eternal.  Planting seeds in good soil will produce far more than you could ever imagine.

Fertilize with love.  Plant seeds everywhere you go.


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Dear Lord, thank You for loving us unconditionally.  Forgive us for taking Your love for granted in our lives.  Help us today become better lovers of people.  As we seek You and receive Your love into our lives, let us share it with others.  Everywhere we go today, let us fertilize the soil with love.  Whatever seeds we plant multiply them beyond our wildest dreams.  Help us become better farmers today as we follow You.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

Who can you fertilize with love today?

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