How Not Understanding Will Make You Seek to Understand

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Daily Reading: 2 Kings 11-12 GW; Mark 11 GW

Scripture puzzles.

All my life, I’ve struggled with understanding today’s scripture.  As the words came up in today’s reading, I decided to take on the challenge.  

Why kill the tree?  

According to Charles Stanley, this is what is happening:

This is the only destructive miracle reported in the Gospels. Jesus meant it to picture His displeasure with the people who appeared religious but whose lives remained barren of the fruit of godliness” (Gal. 5:22, 23).

Wow!  The fig tree in question was green, full of leaves, looking fruitful, but wasn’t.  In other words, people look like they’re holier than thou, but in reality, they aren’t.  People who are talking the talk but not walking the walk aren’t producing fruit.

Walk the walk.

Hubby and I visited a church in South Carolina recently.  The pastor gave one of the best calls to action I have ever heard.  During the service, one enthusiastic attendee would say “Boom” about every two minutes.  I believe this was to show he was tracking with the pastor, but it was highly annoying in reality.  Listening to the pastor was difficult with this man’s loud “Boom’s.”  

So the pastor gets to the meat of his message.  He begins talking about the people in this world that go around talking the talk.  At which point, the guy at the end of the row says, “Boom!”  But then the pastor finished his point.  “But they aren’t walking the walk.”  Mr. Boom didn’t say another word for the rest of the service.

What was the pastor’s call to action?  Go out and love better, because as Christ-followers, we do not love well.  If we were, church’s would overflow with people; instead, they’re closing.  We need to love better.

Don’t just talk the talk.  Walk the walk.  Love someone for Jesus.  Share with them the love He’s given you.


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Lord, thank You for helping me understand this scripture a little better.  I do understand why Jesus is mad. Forgive us, Lord, for just talking the talk. Help us today walk the walk, Lord.  When we meet people today, help us love them as we love ourselves.  And let us love You with all our mind, heart, body, and soul—more of You, less of us.  Help us do better.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Are you a talker or a walker?

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