How Realizing You Lie to Yourself Will Make You Understand Your Life

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Daily Reading: Judges 9  GW; Psalms 120 GW

Self-deception skews perspective.

We can’t see ourselves as other people do.  Our perception of events is tinged with deception because we lie to ourselves ALL of the time.  Believing a lie occurs so quickly, we don’t even realize we do it.

Take, for instance coaching a tennis player.  Often, during drills, I ask the students, “What do you think happened in that point?”  They always have an answer, and it’s usually the opposite of what occurred.  Students can’t see themselves play the point.  They may think their feet are moving, but they’re standing still.  Every time a player misses the ball completely (including myself because we all do it), they look at the racquet.  Of course, the equipment is the problem; it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with not watching the ball.

God knows the lies you tell yourself. He’s your coach, gently pointing out the truth to you. Opening your heart to Jesus will help you decipher the truth. His Holy Spirit works from within us to help us see ourselves as we are, sinners in need of a Savior.

Embrace God’s truth.

Rid yourself of lies by believing what God says.  My favorite way to remind myself of who I am is blasting Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” on repeat.  Eventually, I begin to remember I am God’s child, fully and completely loved.  In Him, I don’t have to fear the truth.  No matter what the lie, God reveals reality.  When He does, you will experience freedom.

Ask God to search your heart for lies you are believing.  Experience freedom as He lovingly reveals the truth.  Remember, You are His child, fully and completely loved.


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Lord, thank You for bringing truth into our lives through Jesus.  Help us understand; we lie to ourselves more than we do anyone else.  Forgive us for so quickly believing the false words.  Instead, help us embrace who we are in You.  From the bottom of our soul, let us feel Your love for us.  Whoever reads this prayer, let them receive Your truth.  Expose the lies they have believed.  Replace the deceptions with Your truth.  Our salvation comes through You.  We lay our sins at Your feet and ask for a new life in You.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What lie have you told yourself lately?

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