Why Following God Will Make You Do Weird Things

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Daily Reading: Judges 7-8 GW; Psalms 83 GW

God’s ways are not our ways.

Today’s hero, Gideon, is going into battle against the Midianites.  God told Gideon he had too many men to fight.  Understanding man’s struggle with pride, God knew if Gideon won with a vast army, they would forget God’s part in the victory.    God gives Gideon directions on how to choose the men to take into battle with him.  Gideon had 300 men who lapped water like dogs to bring into action.  They won by blowing their horns and breaking jars, causing the Midianites to fight amongst themselves.

You may not feel that you have what you need to face the battle ahead; remember, feelings lie.  If you’re partnering with God, He is your greatest ally; with God, you can meet any army.  Wherever God guides, He provides.  Whatever tools are necessary for you to win, God will give you.  With God as your Commander-in-Chief, the victory is already yours.

Let God choose the equipment.

When my husband and I were first married, he decided to rent a plot at the local community garden.  Never having planted a garden before, I will never forget his first attempt.  Leaving for work, he showed me the handheld shovel he would use to plant the 400 sq. feet garden.   My husband figured it out quickly; he needed a bigger shovel.

We try to fight our battles with the wrong equipment.  Instead of trusting God, we make poor choices.  When you’re facing a dilemma, ask God what tools you need.  Don’t pick the wrong shovel.  Seek God and His guidance to fight your battles.  Each of us has a different purpose; no two fights are the same.  Only with God’s help can we find personal victory.  God’s way isn’t our way and often is a little weird.


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Lord, You are our biggest ally.  Forgive us for not turning to You sooner.  Guide us today into our battlefields.  Give us the equipment we will need to find a victory that gives You all the glory.  We know we can’t win without Your intervention.  Strengthen our faith as we face our foes.  Help us keep moving forward, taking territory from the enemy.  You are our Commander-in-Chief.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What battle is God helping you fight today?

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