Productive Branches Will Make You Produce More Fruit

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Daily Reading: Numbers 33 GW; John 15 GW

Pruning causes growth.

No one likes getting their branches clipped.  We want to hold on to those that have lost life.  But we must prune the dead limbs away to make room for new growth.  When the pruning is relationships, the pain is tangible.  But unhealthy relationships need trimming for healthy relationships to thrive.

When a relationship drains you, instead of building you up, it’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship.  When the other person is all take and no give, that’s not good.  If you can’t trust them, their unreliable and selfish, the relationship needs trimming.

The beauty of pruning, once cut, new growth begins.  Energy that the dead limbs used now can go into producing healthy fresh fruit.  Without death, we can’t have life.

Jesus modeled healthy relationships.

Jesus didn’t enable people.  God’s Son let people suffer the consequences of their own choices.  Our Savior knows He can’t save those who don’t want saving.  In Mark 10:17-27 NASB, the rich young ruler came to Jesus with a question. What must he do to receive eternal life?  Jesus told the prince to sell everything He had and give to the poor.  The ruler walked away sad; he didn’t want to sell his stuff.  Jesus let him go.

Sometimes, we have to let people walk away.  The saying, “You don’t know what you had until it’s gone,” is correct.   God prunes unhealthy relationships from our life when we follow Him.  Practicing His teachings will change how you interact with people.  Over time, you’ll begin to realize which relationships give you energy and which ones take it away.  

Let Jesus prune you.  Pray about your relationships.  Identify which ones to keep, which ones to let go.  Watch as you begin to produce healthier fruit in all of your relationships.


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Dear Lord, how grateful we are You’re the Master Gardener.  Forgive us for not allowing You to prune us.  Help us let go of the unhealthy relationships in our lives.  Let new growth come from the new space created in our lives.  As we follow Jesus today, help us make wise decisions.  Let our branches produce good fruit, no matter what the task.  In all things, let us put You first today.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What unhealthy relationship does Jesus want to prune in your life?

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