Jesus’s Example Will Make You Think

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Daily Reading: Numbers 31 GW; John 13 GW

Doing what Jesus did provokes thoughtful actions.

Today’s verse comes after Jesus washed the disciple’s feet.  He was purposefully setting an example for them to follow.  Jesus knew the time was coming for Him to depart earth.  He wanted the disciples to have explicit instruction on how they were to treat others.  When Jesus finishes washing their feet and explaining why He did it, He makes this statement:

“If you understand all of this you are blessed whenever you follow my example.” (John 13:17 GW)

Jesus’s life is the example we are to follow.  To do what Jesus did, we must consciously choose to act like He did.  However, we’re not Jesus. Our human desires battle against Jesus’s will for our lives.  To follow His lead, we must think about our actions.  Deciding to wash others feet is a purposeful response.  With intentionality, we find Jesus and His blessing.

Wash others feet.

One of the most powerful sermons I’ve witnessed happened 20 years ago.  The pastor called someone out of the audience and washed their feet.  I can still visualize him kneeling before them, gently taking off their shoes, and placing their feet in the water.  Then with love and tenderness, washing their feet.  He didn’t say a word; his actions were more potent than any sermon.

As Christ-followers, we are to serve others.  Sometimes that means washing their feet.  Other times it means holding them while they cry or listening to them while they vent.  Whatever needs a person has, we are to meet it to the best of our ability.  Jesus met needs everywhere He went.  He set an example we are to follow.

Think about Jesus’s actions.  Follow His example.  Do what Jesus did, experience His blessing.


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Lord, thank You for setting an example for us to follow.  Forgive us for not always doing what You would have us do.  Today, as the minutes turn into hours, give us divine insight.  Help us think about our actions today from Jesus’ perspective.  When we have an opportunity to imitate Jesus, don’t let us miss it.  In all we do, let us follow in Jesus’s steps.  Help us wash the feet of those we meet today by serving them.  In all things, the glory is Yours.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How can you imitate Jesus today?

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