Spiritual Darkness Will Make You Blind

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Daily Reading: Numbers 27 GW; John 9 GW

God gives you sight.

When you place your trust in God, His light comes into Your world.  When you look around, you see things differently.  You begin to understand, the things of this world don’t matter.  Cars, houses, degrees, they are all temporary.  But how you treat God and others has eternal consequences.  On the day you transition into your heavenly body, God will not ask how much money you made on earth.  But He will want to know how you loved others.

Right now, in this world, people are walking around blind.  If people aren’t in a relationship with their Creator, their perspective is one-sided.  Wise individuals understand; they only know in part, not in whole.  When you make decisions without all of the facts, lies are born.  God reveals truth as you pursue a relationship with Him.  

God opens our eyes.

Pursuing God’s desires for our lives changes our focus. We learn, waiting is necessary for revelation.  When something happens in your life, don’t jump to immediate conclusions about what it means.  Instead, seek God in prayer and ask for His insight.  When you do, over time, the truth is revealed.  Pray this simple prayer to gain Godly sight:

“Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.” (Psalm 119:18 ESV)

When God opens your eyes, you begin to see the struggles of others.  Instead of judging them by their actions, you connect with them through their hearts.  Just like Jesus, we’ll meet people in their struggles, helping them climb their mountains.  We find victory when we join our spirit with God, then love others purposefully.

Ask God to open your eyes today.  Seek His truth.  Watch as your perspective changes when you align your heart with God’s.


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Lord, thank You for Your illuminating light.  Forgive us for not seeking You sooner and for walking around blind.  We’re grateful you open our eyes to what matters, our relationship with You and others.  Fill us with Your love and grace, then give us opportunities to share it with those You place in our lives.  Remove the scales from our eyes; help us see through Your lens.  Let us connect with people’s hearts as we become more intentional about our relationships.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How has God helped you see more clearly?

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