True Light Will Make You See Darkness Fade

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Daily Reading: Leviticus 19-21 GW; 1 John 2 GW

God’s light is true.

When you place faith in Jesus, it’s the first pinprick of light in the darkness.  As you begin to develop a relationship with Him, the light gets brighter.  The better you know God, the brighter His light shines, the more the darkness fades.  But you have to take the journey.  You can’t just stop at the first pinprick.

My husband and I love taking road trips.  Our first long trip was to Miami, Florida, a three-day drive.  At the beginning of that journey, I knew my husband, but I knew him much better at the end of it.  We grew closer as we traveled together.  Traveling involves handling the unknown, fixing the flat tire, finding places to eat and sleep, driving the miles.  Each moment you experience together draws you closer, becoming one.

Journey with Jesus

Don’t just stop at believing in Jesus; live like Him.  Consider today the first day of a long road trip with Jesus.  Prepare yourself for challenges.  Understand, bumps in the road exist for everyone.  Jesus goes through the potholes of life with you.  Lean into His teachings.  Apply what He modeled to your life.  Use the gospels as your travel directory.  Each adversity you overcome with Jesus makes the light shine brighter; the darkness fades more.

Don’t let fear keep you from knowing Jesus.  He’s not condemning; He’s loving.  Jesus has the solution to life’s problems.  Take Him with you on the journey today.  Let His light shine stronger in you.  Watch the darkness fade.

Lord, how we love journeying with You.  Each day is a new adventure waiting to unfold.  Forgive us when we forget to take you on the journey.  Help us to remember who our constant companion is and what He does for us.  Jesus is the best travel partner.  He doesn’t judge, doesn’t argue, just loves.  Help us to imitate Him today.  Let today start a new journey with Jesus like we’ve never experienced.  IJNIP. Amen 

Question for reflection

How are you taking Jesus on the journey with you today?

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