God Will Make You See

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Daily Reading: Exodus  6 GW; Matthew 27 GW

Trust in the Lord opens your eyes.

In today’s passage, God is showing not only Pharoah who He is but also Moses.  Our pal Moses doesn’t know what he’s in for in the days ahead.  Plague after plague does not sound fun to me. But after turning the river into blood, infestations of frogs, gnats, and flies, death of livestock, boils, hail, locusts, and death of firstborn, EVERYONE now saw God’s power. Not only did God make Pharoah see, Moses did as well.

When we connect with God’s desires for us, we experience His power as well.  Following Jesus makes you love more, not less.  Jesus doesn’t hate.  He allows people to make choices about their lives, including His role in it.  But Jesus doesn’t hate.  As you embrace His teachings, love will become how people identify you.  

God removes the scales.

When Saul became Paul, “something like scales fell from” his “eyes, and he could see again” (Acts 9:18 NIV).  Quick recap on Saul/Paul: Pharisee, persecuted and killed followers of the way who became the author of most of the New Testament.  His conversion is epic.  Saul was incapable of seeing the truth until He met Jesus.  Only then did he become our beloved Paul.

When we are living lies, we can’t see the harm we’re doing to ourselves and others.  But when we place faith in Jesus, we begin to see.

And the good news is, He never stops revealing.  As you draw closer to God, the more you see.  When you ask God to allow you to see others through His eyes, that’s when you see the real truth.  You’ll begin to see their pain and understand how tender their hearts are.  Each of us is operating out of the pain we carry.  None of us truly know how that affects others, but God does.  And when we begin looking through His lens, we begin to see it too.


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Dear Heavenly Father, how we love You!  What a great day for living life to the fullest. Forgive us, Lord, for the days we don’t. Help us experience You today as You reveal truth to us.  Whoever we see today, let us see them through Your lens.  Take the scales from our eyes, keep the Son squarely in our focus.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What truth has God revealed to you lately?

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