Concern For Others Will Make You Blessed

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Daily Reading: Exodus 5 GW; Matthew 26 GW; Psalms 41 GW

Others first is a lifestyle worth living.

Helpless people are all around us.  A mother who struggles to open the store door while pushing a stroller and holding a toddler’s hand needs help.  A man whose boss is a tyrant, but needs the job, feels powerless.  My elderly neighbor was helpless when her battery died amid quarantine. I will never forget her helpless expression.  When we look around at the people in our lives, we’ll find we’re all vulnerable in some way or another.

One of the things I love about studying the life of Jesus, He takes the focus off of me.  In other words, He helps me get out of my mind.  Our thoughts are the most significant battle we all have.  We believe lies and don’t even realize it.  Jesus reveals the truth to us as we put into practice His teachings.  When we put others before ourselves, we find blessings we never imagined.

Blessing comes when we help others.

Hold open the door for the tired mother pushing a stroller; the look of appreciation on her face will bless you for days.  Tell the man who feels powerless in his job you’re praying for him, watch gratitude flood his eyes.  And when you jump your neighbor’s battery for her, the relief you can physically see will impact you.  Concerning yourself with helping others blesses you more than it does them.  

And when you’re helping others, you’re staying out of trouble yourself.  One of the good qualities of churches is the opportunity they give people to serve others.  Having a place where people who want to help can meet people who need help is priceless.  Finding a way to concern yourself with others in a safe environment will bless you beyond words.


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Lord, thank You for You.  Each day we choose to follow You is an adventure.  Forgive us for the times we forget to turn to You.  Give us spiritual eyes today to see those who need help.  Let us understand; most people won’t ask for the aid they need.  Instead, let us see the needs around us and meet them if we can.  As we concern ourselves with others, we trust You concern yourself with us.  Let today rock!  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Who has a need you can meet today?

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