Who Will Make You Sing Praises?

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Daily Reading: Genesis 41 GW; Psalms 40 GW; Matthew 17 GW

God gives songs of praise.

Each day, if you look for God’s goodness, you will find it.  Even on the darkest days, God is with you.  Things happen we can’t explain.  People choose to turn their back on God daily. Instead of following His desires,  they follow their own.  We can’t control what others do; we can only control what we do.  You have the choice today where you focus your attention.  If you choose God, He will give you a reason to sing praises.

This morning as I was scrolling Facebook, one meme caught my attention.  The words said:

 “No matter how good or bad

You think life is, wake up

Each day and be–


Someone, somewhere

Else is fighting

to survive.”


If you need help finding God’s goodness, start with life.  Remember, someone else is fighting for theirs today.  Gratitude for good health is one we all take for granted.  Intentionally praise God for the life He gave you, the air you breathe.  Every breath is a gift from God.

God is worthy of praise.

When you begin searching for God’s goodness in your day, He will give you a song of praise to sing.

Over Christmas, my husband I camped in Florida.  On the second day of the three-day drive, we were in Georgia on I-95.  Amid an emotional conversation, one in which I was crying, a piece of metal flew off a truck in front of us.  My husband, thank God, is an attentive driver.  He saw what looked like the blade of a push lawn mower when it dislodged from the truck, headed directly for me.  With his eye on the metal, he gently swerved, giving the object room to pass by just inches from the windshield.  God’s goodness causes me to sing songs of praise.

Start searching for His goodness in your life.  Let His good works fill your mouth with song.


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Lord, how grateful we are for Your protection.  Thank You for waking us this morning to face another day.  As we walk through today, let us see Your goodness.  Fill our mouths with songs of praise as we follow You.  Forgive us for taking Your presence in our lives for granted.  Renew our faith as we seek You today.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How has God given you a song of praise to sing?

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