Whose Power Will Make You Better

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Daily Reading: Genesis 5-6 GW; Psalms 12 GW; Ephesians 3 GW

God’s power works in us.

When you deepen your relationship with God, He works in you. One step at a time, He will reveal His plan for you as you continue to follow Him.  Our journey’s vary, but our leader doesn’t.  Ultimately, anyone proclaiming Jesus as their Lord and Savior is following Him.  Revelation comes as you walk in step with Jesus.

What you are doing right now is striding with Jesus.  Spending time reading scripture is one way to follow Jesus.  Another is to do what Jesus did.  When we start reacting to life like Jesus instead of how we would, God’s power is working in us.  His Spirit keeps our mouth shut when we would like to spew our feelings out.  God’s strength helps us sit with a grieving mother or hold the hand of someone as they slip from one life to the next.  First, we accept God’s spirit within our being; our actions become a manifestation of what God is doing in us.

With God, you can do more.

For God to work in us, we must first submit to Him.  As we place our faith and trust in Jesus, His Spirit becomes our inner guide.  Nudges from within will direct us to do what we never would on our own.  Each day as we take small steps, we begin to leave a legacy of love behind us.

Whatever situation you’re facing today, God is working in you to face it.  He’ll give you what you need to respond as Jesus; all you need do is ask.  Where God guides, He provides.  Whatever He is calling you to do, He’ll give you the strength to do it.  He promises, with His power, you can do the impossible.


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Lord, thank You for Your power that lives within those who believe and trust in You.  Whoever reads this, let their relationship with You grow more profound.  As they know You better, let them represent You well to the world.  Let the truth of Your word settle deep in their spirit.  As they face the day, provide what they need to climb the mountains they face.  In You, all things are possible.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What has God done in your life that is more than you ever dreamed?

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