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“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.”  Psalm 18:32 NIV

God’s strength and security are one way to get back on the board of life. He uses people to make the intangible, tangible. I see His strength in the young mom’s in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class.  I watch as they manage to arrive on time each week, kids in tow.  I witness His strength and security as they bond their lives together, encouraging and helping each other.  I’ve witnessed God’s strength and security in elderly couples who have overcome a lifetime of adversity, nurturing each other in old age. And I’ve experienced His strength and security during tragic losses in the people who have surrounded me with love on the most difficult of days.  God’s people are one way He gets us back on the board.

How do we know who God’s people are in our lives? The easiest way to determine who is a warrior of the Almighty is by examining the fruit that they produce.  Mother Teresa, Nobel Peace winner for her work with orphans in India, was a warrior for God.  The fruit of her work tells you what she was most passionate about in her life. God made her a warrior for orphans.  Obviously, not all of us are called to do what Mother Teresa did, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t just as important. Each of us were born with our own purpose and passions that God designed us for specifically. I have a passion for writing. I don’t find it a burden.  Other people think writing is torture, but are passionate about something else. God not only creates us as warriors, He gives us a specific purpose.

God not only creates us as warriors, He gives us a specific purpose.

 Bethany Meilani Hamilton-Dirks is someone who I think is doing what God created her to do.  She is a professional surfer who lost her left arm in a shark attack at the age of 13.  Yet that didn’t stop her. Her love of God, her passion for surfing kept her going. After recovering from the attack, she got back on her surfboard and returned to professional surfing.  God’s strength and security armed her to get back on her board. The people God surrounded her with helped her get back up on her board.  All of us work together so intricately, none of us can do life on our own. We need God and we need each other. One way He gets us back on the board of life is through His people.

Question of the Day:

Who are the people God has used to give you strength and security?

Further Reading: Genesis 42:18-43:34 NIV, Matthew 13:47-14:12 NIV, Psalm 18:16-36 NIV, Proverbs 4:7-10 NIV

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