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“Then he taught me, and he said to me, “Take hold of my words with all your heart keep my commands, and you will live.” Proverbs 4:4 NIV

Why do we make decisions that inevitably cause us harm? Why do people drink too much on Saturday night only to repent on Sunday morning?  In essence, that is all it takes. When we acknowledge our sin before God, He forgives us, over and over again (Matthew 18:21-22 NIV).  But when people continue in their life of bad decisions, they aren’t enjoying the peace of God’s presence in their lives.  Just because we make a bad decision, doesn’t mean we’re bad people. We’re human, bad decisions are a part of life for everyone.

When I was in college, I was an alcoholic.  I drank to extremes. I had experienced the loss of my father at the age of 16, drinking was my coping mechanism.  One night, I drank so much I blacked out. A common story heard among college students. However, I drove a half hour home during that black out.  I woke up the next morning in my bed, having no idea how I got there. I praised God I hadn’t hurt anyone. That night changed my life. I realized, my bad decisions were out of control.  I realized I needed help. The first place I turned was God, the second place was to my mother. They helped me out of the darkness I had created. I wasn’t following Jesus at the time, my bad decision is what drew me back to Him.  When we at least try, He’ll meet us more than half way.

When we at least try, He’ll meet us more than half way.

Once I turned my life back towards Christ, it changed completely.  I began to find hope. I began to deal with the issues that came from losing my father.  I began to find God’s peace in my life. I didn’t need alcohol to cope any longer, I found what I needed in Jesus.  But the journey wasn’t easy, and it still continues. Each day I choose to follow God’s commands instead of my human desires.  Each day I start again. When I make a bad decision, I admit it, I learn from it, and I start again.

In tennis, there is a common phrase that people say, “You’re only as good as your next shot.”  What this means is, it doesn’t matter what lies in the past, whether good or bad, it’s only what you do next that really counts.  We can choose to change the parts of our life that we don’t like. We can choose to make different decisions than we did before. We can choose turmoil and heartache, or we can choose peace and love.  Don’t let one bad decision define you, instead, let Jesus help you overcome it. Choose to follow His commands, and you’ll find you make less bad decisions.

Question of the Day:

How can Jesus help you overcome a bad decision in your life?

Further Reading: Genesis 41:17-42:17 NIV, Matthew 13:24-46 NIV, Psalm 18:1-15 NIV, Proverbs 4:1-6 NIV

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