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“So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.”  Romans 14:12 CSB

I’m thankful for my friend Sarene, she keeps me on track with Scripture.  I make mistakes when I write the Scripture reference sometimes at the top of the devotional.  Sarene double checks me every day. I’m writing this on Oct. 24th, I had the Scripture reference incorrect on the devotional.  I had Isaiah 41:3, but it was actually Isaiah 43:1. I transposed the numbers, which I do from time to time. Sarene reads the entire chapter of whatever verse I post each day with the devotional.  Her discipline helps me serve each of you better. And she does it with such love, this morning’s text is an example. “Good morning beautiful! The Scripture reference doesn’t seem to match the verse.”  I can accept correction when it is done with such love. But Sarene helps me more than she knows.

Full transparency, I struggle with pride, always have, always will.  When I started on this path of writing, I had some pride issues that needed to be addressed.  Sarene helped me do that, and still does. The first time she sent me a text that my Scripture was wrong, I didn’t receive it as well as I do now.  I pridefully thought I couldn’t make a mistake, not after how hard I worked to write the devotionals, especially the Scripture. How could I possibly get the Scripture wrong?  But you know what, she was right. I did have the Scripture reference wrong. Usually it’s a typo, or I reversed the numbers, but whatever the reason it’s wrong. I never want to get the Scripture references wrong, I’m so thankful Sarene double checks me.  I count on her too double check me now. Sarene has helped me receive feedback on my work. She helps me stay humble, realizing I’m fallible as the next person. Her diligence makes me a better writer. I’ve asked her to hold me accountable and she does with love and grace.  I’m grateful.

Accountability is something we all need, although we may not want it.  I establish accountability in all areas of my life. I attend WW for the accountability.  My husband and I have a budget, I’m accountable to him for the money I spend, as he is to me.  Sarene holds me accountable in my walk with God by making sure I get the Scriptures right. Ultimately, today’s Scripture means one day we will be accountable to God for all of our actions here on earth.  I know, left to my own devices I can get into trouble. But when I have family and friends who will lovingly correct me when I go astray, then I know I’m heading in the right direction.

Today I’m thankful for accountability.  What are you thankful for?

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