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“No other god is like You.  And with you we are safer than on a high mountain.”  1 Samuel 2:2 CEV

Ron and I have been watching Yellowstone.  The show stars Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton, it’s the new version of the old classic, Dallas.  Set in Montana, the story takes you through the ups and downs of the Dutton family. Misery and pain is normal for this ranching family.  We just started season 2 last night, this one scene was perfect for being happy with what you have.

One of the main characters has been asked to do something that is completely demoralizing.  I don’t want to give too much detail in case there are other fans of the show. No spoilers from me.  But he has taken a lower position than the one he has been accustomed too, a much lower position. The scene takes place outside the barn as he is feeding the horses.  He’s being challenged to just leave, why does he put up with the crap the Dutton family throws his way. His antagonist looks at him and says, “Look what loyalty to this family has gotten you!”  She intends this to be mean and hurtful, but his response was priceless. As he picks up another scoop of hay, he stops and looks around. The camera pans out to the sun setting over the Montana mountains, the beauty of the land takes your breath away.  He slowly looks back at her and says, “Yeah, it’s awful.” 

Money and position are not what define happiness.  The simple things in life are what make us the happiest.  A quiet evening at home watching T.V. with my husband is more priceless to me than an expensive dinner out.  But sometimes we have to stop and take an inventory of what we have in order to be happy with where we are at.  If we don’t look around us, at the beauty God has given us right where we are we can lose focus of what is really important.  I’m grateful to be able to work, I’m thankful for the health to get out of bed in the morning, every night when my husband comes home from work I praise the Lord.  I remember the years I lived without him, I’m thankful for every day God gives me with him.

There is no other god like our God, with Him we are safe.  In Him we find peace, we find joy, we find all we need. He will lead us to where He wants us to be, He will shape us into who He wants us to become.  Life with Him isn’t about where we are, but about where He is taking us. Each day, making us more like Him. Often, we lose our happiness because we’re comparing ourselves to others.  Andy Stanley addressed this in a recent message, and I think he’s onto something. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, why don’t we compare ourselves to who we were yesterday and try to do better today.  When we live our lives for God, each day He will refine us a little more. Each day, God will help us to find joy in the midst of our circumstances. Even in the midst of the storm, life with God is always best.  With Him, we are safe.

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