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“The counsel of the Lord stands forever; the plans of His heart from generation to generation.” Psalm 33:11

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary.  Those are words I thought I would never say, I never thought I would be married. But the Lord has taught me, He is never to be underestimated.   I met my husband in October of 2010, at one of the lowest points of my life. My Mom was recovering from a major surgery, she had pancreatic cancer that had been surgically removed.  I was taking care of her at the time. My life consisted of work, taking care of my Mom and tennis. All of these things done with God. He was in every aspect of it, my relationship with Him flourished, as it always does when we are in our deepest valleys.  I had resigned myself that this was my life. I would be alone forever. I was never meant to marry, my husband was God and you can’t get a better husband than that.

Until I walked onto the tennis courts at Back Creek park in York County, VA on Oct. 21, 2010 and met Ron Morrison.  He had on a white pocket t-shirt and black shorts. I know this, because for the first several months of our relationship, it’s what he wore every time.  In his thinking, it took out the decision making of what he had to wear. Finally, one of our mutual friends questioned him about it, and we helped him understand, deciding what to wear isn’t the worst thing in the world.  I’ve never met a kinder man than my husband. To this day, his heart amazes me. He truly is my better half, he has made me a better person with him than I would have ever been without him. He’s not perfect, he is my opposite.  His strengths are my weaknesses, my strengths his weaknesses. We compliment each other.

God’s plans always prevail.  Neither Ron, nor I had been married, or ever thought we would marry. But God knew we would.  His plan had been in place long before Ron and I ever met, long before we were ever born. From generation to generation, God’s plans prevail.  What God wants, God gets. What God has taught me through my marriage to Ron is simple: I want God’s plans to prevail. He does know best. Even in the midst of the worst storms, God has a plan.  He’s working it out in us if we just let Him. By the time I met Ron, I was solidly grounded in God, Ron was just icing on the cake. Ron knows, and always has that he comes second in my life, after God.  I know, and always have, I come second in Ron’s life. God is first, then us, then others. That is our formula for the past seven years. God has taken us places we never thought we would go, I can’t wait to see where He takes us next.  I’m praying, as we move forward from this day, God gets what He wants in our lives. We’re just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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