Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you always!

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This is a special post, tomorrow is our seventh wedding anniversary. You have no idea how excited I am. I have prayed for so long our marriage would last seven years. Marriage is so hard, it takes so much work. The only way I can have the amazing marriage I do, is through prayer. And I have friends who did not get to share a seventh wedding anniversary because he died. Wedding anniversaries are not guaranteed, no where in writing will you find that guarantee. But God willing, tomorrow evening at 7:10 p.m. we will officially celebrate our wedding anniversary. I will be praising the Lord! He is the only way we have lasted this long.

This morning I was thinking about how much better Ron has made me. I am more honest than I have ever been. Other than my Dad and brothers, I have never met a man as honest as he is, He’s not perfect, everyone tells white lies, but he’s a lot closer than me. Actually, two men, because his Dad is the sweetest man I have ever met. The way he loved his wife as she was declining with Alzheimer’s, those were the most tender moments I have ever witnessed on earth. God willing Ron and I will get to grow old together, God willing we’ll get to experience the deep love his parents had. He helps me tell the truth more. In those moments when I don’t want too tell the truth, he helps me tell the truth. Which makes life so much easier, the more you tell the truth, the less you have to remember. God knows, the older you get the harder to remember things, make it easier on yourself. As Ron says, “Just tell the truth.” Thank you Honey for making me more honest.

Ron has also helped me to relax. Anyone that knew me Before Ron, knows I’m more relaxed now than ever. The man just knows how to chill better than anyone I have ever met. His ability to absorb stress and let it roll off of him, is truly amazing. He does get stressed, everyone gets stressed. He is a master at handling stress. As a result of his ability to handle stress, I’ve become better at handling stress. Good Lord, I’m in therapy to help me chill out. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum in the chill dimension. I never realized how uptight I was until I married Ron. Honey, thank you for teaching me this lesson, so grateful!

Ron has helped me face the hardest losses of my life; he has helped me survive them. I am so grateful for every time he has held me when I cried. I am so grateful for every funeral he attended with me, every wedding, every birth. Thank You Lord for his strength. I am thankful for the home You use him to provide for us. How well he maintains our house. Thankful for this home that has provided me comfort in the middle of life storms.

I’m grateful for every moment you have given us together Lord. I pray there are millions more ahead for us. I pray that they are happy, healthy and prosperous moments. But as always Lord, Your will be done. Think how much better I’ll be if the Lord gives us another seven years together. One can hope and pray!

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