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“God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble.”  Psalm 46:1

God is amazing.  I was reminded how amazing this weekend, not just because it was Easter weekend.  We’re campers. We were camping this past weekend with family and friends. We’ve camped in this campground several times before, we typically get the same three spots.  In fact, we were there just a few weeks ago, in those spots. But for whatever reason, this time we didn’t get those spots. We were up further, which turned out to be a God send.

There was a violent storm that blew through on Friday night.  The last estimate showed 35 official tornados that had occurred in its path.  We were all hesitant to camp, especially the ladies, but we decided it would be ok.  I was praying for protection the entire time. I was crying out to God in our time of trouble.  And He heard me before I ever prayed the prayer. That is what I find so amazing about God, this isn’t the first time He’s answered a prayer before I ever prayed it.

The next morning a large tree had fallen across the site we would normally have been in.  By my calculations, it would of landed right where we would have been sleeping. God did help us in times of trouble.  Thankfully, that spot was empty. No one was injured.

Even more interesting is the story of the couple who were in the spot beside it.  They were there to serve at a local church for Easter weekend. The husband had come up on Wednesday night and chosen the spot they were in that day.  When his wife came on Good Friday, she told him she wasn’t thrilled with the spot, could they move to the empty one. Her husband, having been there for two days already asked if they could please just stay where they were since he was already set up.  The other spot was so wet, he didn’t want to mess with it. She agreed and they stayed put. That decision saved their life.

It was 1:30 in the morning when the husband heard the first limb break.  Then the tree fell. Not from wind, not from a tornado, but because it was so wet it had nothing to hold it in place during the storm.  They knew, when they went out with their flashlights, God had spared them. If they had moved spots, they would have been hit by the tree.

God promises to be our refuge in trouble, for all of us.  He is our helper in trouble, even when we don’t know we need it.  Whatever troubles you’re facing today, cry out to Him. He’s waiting to help.  He knows where the tree will fall, He’ll make sure you’re out of the way.

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