Extend Grace

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Read Proverbs Chapter 7.

“He follows her impulsively, like an ox going to slaughter, like a deer bounding toward a trap.” Proverbs 7:22

The sub title in my Bible says, “A Story of Seduction” at the beginning of this section.  Verses 6-23 are exactly that, a s story of seduction. Impulsively in the original form can be translated immediately.  Meaning he gives it no thought, he just follows blindly after her, not realizing she is leading him on a path of destruction.

Seduction is so hard to resist.  It’s the piece of chocolate cake tempting you to eat it.  It’s the new pair of shoes you just know you can’t live without.  We are seduced by many things that lead us astray. It is always subtle. There is an air of mystery that usually surrounds it.  We can become obsessed with what we think we cannot have. We may be able to resist for a little while, but depending on the expertise of the seducer, we inevitably give in to our desires.

Food is always a good analogy for me.  I can’t have sweets in the house. My husband has the girl scout cookies hidden at his office.  He knows if he brings them home they won’t make it through the night. It’s a weakness for both of us.  If we have a box of them in our cupboard, it will call to us tauntingly. We won’t be able to think of anything else.  We’ll be able to last for a little while, but then we’ll give in to the temptation. Once the box is opened, there is no going back.  They will be devoured. We can’t resist. My ongoing battle with weight thus continues as I run bounding like a deer to the trap.

Unfortunately, we don’t always know when we’re being seduced, like the young man in our scripture today.  He had no idea he was heading to the slaughter. In cases like that we need to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and get back on the right path.  Giving grace to ourselves can be the hardest grace to extend, but it is what will help you get back on track.


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