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“The moment you began praying, a command was given.”  Daniel 9:23a
This was in my Bible reading today.  Daniel is praying for his people.  He was praying and confessing his sin, as well as the sin of the people.  That’s when Gabriel, whom I like to think of as Gabe, showed up with this message.  As I read it, it struck me at how utterly amazing it is to think about.

The minute Daniel started praying a command was given.  What if the minute I start praying, the command is given?

The minute I pray and confess to God my sins the command is given to be forgiven.  The minute I ask God for help, a command is given.  When I cry to Him for direction, a command is given.  He already has a plan, He’s just waiting for me to turn to Him.  When I do, a command is given.

I’ve been praying for years for about a dream God gave me a long time ago.  I’ve always dreamed of writing more than anything else in my life.  I really didn’t dream about the husband, not like I dreamed about writing.  Over the last few years and months God has opened doors which have given me the opportunity to write.  Recently, He opened up an entire new door for me to go back for my Masters and learn to write better.  To be able to write more.  It’s a dream come true for me.

All of those little prayers I prayed over the years had commands attached to them.  Commands which have directed me to this new journey.  My life, by times can fill like a pinball machine.  I’m the ball getting pinged from one thing to the next.  I used to take more time to try and understand why my life has taken an unexpected turn.  I’ve learned, as I’ve grown older, the majority of things which happen here on earth, I will never get the answers I’m trying to find.  Every now and then I do, but for the most part, there are no answers.

As a result,  I’ve surrendered.  I’ve just given my life to God.  Each morning I confess my sins.  I thank Him for all He’s done.  Sometimes I spend all morning praising Him.  Other times I might have a bone to pick with Him about something I don’t agree with Him about.  He always wins those conversations.  There are times where I just sit with Him and cry because my heart hurts so much.  Always, always at the end of our chats, I get on my knees and say, “I’m yours.  Do with me as You will.”

I’m tired of fighting.  I’m tired of trying to make life about what I want.  My way is definitely not the right way.  But His is.  He’s the commander.  When I start the prayer, He starts the command!

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