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“Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. ” Colossians 3:2
Been doing a lot of thinking about perspective.  How we are all on a journey.  Each of our journey’s are unique.  Each has it’s own perspective.  What I’ve realized over the last couple of weeks is our perspective depends on how we are traveling.  How fast or slow we are going.
For instance, we spent the weekend in Texas.  We traveled over 800 miles in car.  We flew even further in the plane which took us there.  When we were on our way home, we had a tailwind.  The captain told us we were traveling at 600 miles per hour.  When we were driving in the car we averaged 75 miles per hour (which by the way is the speed limit in Texas).  Compare those to the 3 mile per hour stroll we took after dinner Friday night and you have three different perspectives.
Flying at 600 mph at 30,000 feet I didn’t see much.  It was dark, on occasion we could see sprinkles of lights on the earth.  Driving at 75 mph I saw so much more.  I saw the cattle grazing by the side of the road.  I saw them so well I was able to identify different types of breeds.  I saw Texas Longhorns for the first time.  I saw Black Angus and Red Angus cattle.  I could see oil wells and wind mills.  I saw so much more detail at 75 mph than I did at 600 mph.
When we strolled along the River Walk in San Antonio after dinner at barely 3 mph I saw even more.  I saw couples enjoying an evening meal together.  I could hear their laughter and the low murmur of conversation swirling around me.  I saw the ripples in the water as it flowed past me.  I saw the muddy brown caused by the recent rain.  I could smell the different aromas coming from the restaurants.  I saw the vivid colors of the shimmering lights.  Walking at 3 mph was like looking through a microscope compared to flying at 600 mph.
The slower we go, the more we notice.  The better our perspective becomes.  The more clearer our paths are ahead of us.  We rush through life so quickly it’s like we’re flying at 600 mph all of the time.  We don’t notice the people around us, the scenery, the smells.  We are so focused on our “agendas” we miss what is right in front of us.
Lately, God has been speaking to me.  I didn’t realize until today what He has been saying.  In fact, as I’ve written this blog I’ve gained clarity.  I’ve listened to so many messages lately on purpose.  I’ve been so focused on what I’m supposed to be doing I’ve missed what God is saying.  His message to me is simple, yet so hard for me to do:
“Slow down”
God wants me to slow down.  He wants me to stop flying at 600 mph and start strolling at 3.  Not everything has to be done today.  Not everything has to be done tomorrow.  When God tells us in John 10:10 Jesus came so we can have life and have it to the fullest, He meant it.
If we’re going too fast we’ll miss it.  We’ll miss the beauty of the falling leaves as they meander their way to the earth.  We’ll miss the vibrant colors of life all around us.  We’ll miss the warm smile of a stranger because we’re going to fast to notice.  We’ll miss the peace of a fall afternoon or the feel of the gentle breeze as it passes over us.  If we’re going to fast we’ll miss spending time with the ones we love.
I’ve been going too fast.  I’ve missed some things I will never get back.  God has been trying to tell me to slow down, but I haven’t been listening.  I’m grateful He hasn’t given up on me as I’ve been zooming through my days.  Instead, He created an opportunity for me to slow down.  Through it, He has shown me all I’ve been missing.  He’s been trying to tell me I don’t have to do it all.  I just have to do what He calls me to do.  Right now, what He is calling me to do is slow down.
God will give me enough time to do everything He has intended for me to do.  If I don’t slow down, I might miss it.  I won’t hear His still small voice directing my path if I’m going too fast.  I won’t see the signs He’s giving me if I fly right by them.  I won’t be able to follow His lead if I’m too busy following mine.  I had no idea how fast I’ve been going until God slowed me down.   When He did, He changed my perspective.
How fast have you been going lately?  Are you flying at 600 mph, driving at 75 or strolling at 3?  Maybe I’m not the only one God is telling to slow down.  If you’re going too fast, you won’t get the message.   I know I didn’t.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I have two week block here where I’m too busy. I feel stressed and a little depressed. Your descriptions on your walk made me genuinely grin. And I am reminded of His words, “Be still, and know that I am God.” And I’ve just been replying, “later! I’m slammed this week.” Thank you for the insight. It blessed me today.

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