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“Will you speak wickedly on God’s behalf?  Will you speak deceitfully for him?” Job 13:7
“Much of what they have to say about the relationship between God and man is theologically sound.” Lisa Harper ‘Job’
She’s talking about Job’s three friends. But it made me think of all the different perspectives there are on God. I’ve been reading a lot of different books, intentionally. Most non-fiction, some fiction. You really have to pay attention to what they’re saying. It’s super easy to get off track.
I am beginning to realize how easy it is to get off track in life too.  No one ever intentionally sets out to hurt themselves.  No one ever gets up in the morning and says “What can I do to screw my life up today?”  No one.  Even Job, who had lost everything, was in the depths of depression at the bottom of the pit.  He didn’t think about what he could do to hurt more.  No, he was looking up, with hope to God to save him from his misery.  He was focused on the right thing.
But his friends weren’t.  They all were on track with God to a point, but then they took God out and inserted themselves.

  • Eliphaz thinks Job’s suffering because of his sin.
  • Bildad thinks it because Job’s kids sinned
  • Zophar thinks God is tired of hearing Job complain

When you read each of their talks.  When you dig into it.  You’ll discover they all have some theologically correct points in their arguments.  If you’re not discerning you wouldn’t realize they go from God to them effortlessly.  It’s all very innocent.  They are just trying to help their grieving friend.  They just want to make him feel better.  In their efforts they hurt him, not help him. That was never their intent.
They were just doing the best they could do.
I remember after Rick Warren’s son committed suicide.  He said there were people who were there for him he never expected.  Some of the people he had expected were not there for him.  He realized all of them were doing the best they could do.  Even the ones who didn’t show up.  He realized everyone is just in different places on their journey.
The important thing is that God showed up through it all.  Keep your focus on Him! Don’t let anyone steer you off course.

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