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“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.”  Isaiah 55:8
I’m reading several different authors at the moment.  I’m not sure which one it was who put this thought in my head:
Don’t limit God to what you know, what you have experienced.  If you do you will have a very one dimensional God.   (My words, not a quote.)
I’m learning I have done exactly that.  I have created a one dimensional God based on what I know from my life.  Just because I haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it’s not an aspect of God.  If I don’t know it, doesn’t mean it’s not an aspect of God.
God is personal to each of us.  He shows up to each of us in different ways.  I limit Him when I put Him into the confines of just what I know personally.
The more I learn about God it makes me realize how much I have yet to learn.   It makes me yearn to know more.  I love even though I’ve been walking with God all my life. Even though  I was born and raised in a Christ following home.  I’m still seeking.  I’m still searching to know Him deeper.
I have the privilege of working with people who just meet Jesus. I love how they tentatively ask questions they aren’t sure if they should ask.  There is nothing more fulfilling than watching someone get to know Jesus.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s encouraging.  It’s inspiring.
I’m just glad when you are on a journey with Christ it is never ending.  No matter where I am in my walk with Him.  It’s still exciting.  Still exhilarating.  Still encouraging.  Still inspiring.

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